The following are the main HR functions that Turning Point offers

Interview & Selection automated systems

- Develop core competencies for the company
- Define each core competency, and rate it per job level
- Device an interviewing & selection manual encompassing those core competencies
- Device set of specific questions addressing each core competency per job level
This will result in an unbiased interviewing and selection process since it mandates objectivity on the interviewer and selection committee.

Compensation systems

- Conduct average market salary surveys as per industry specific
- Compare current company salary scheme against previously mentioned market status
- Provide phases in order to overcome the gap, if any, existing between the company and average market salaries
- Initiate company specific fringe benefits
- Develop company specific bonus systems as per job level
- Develop company specific incentives and stock options as per job level

Performance management systems

- Develop an objective performance appraisal system for all job levels that is based on the core competencies previously developed

Training & Development programs

- Develop specific training programs for each employee based on his/her annual performance appraisal
- Develop development programs that incorporates readiness chart for future 2nd line employees
- Develop career paths for all employees that highlights the future of each employee in the organization starting from entry level positions

Maintenance & Retention systems

- Develop company specific maintenance & retention systems to encourage productive employees to remain employed within the company.

Organization Structure

- Device a flexible and adaptable current and/or proposed future organization structure based on company's strategic direction.

Vision, Mission, & Values

- Device a vision statement that highlights where the company is heading
- Device a mission statement that highlights how the company is planning to achieve its vision
- Device a set of core values through which the company is planning to achieve its mission and vision statement

Employee handbook

- Device an employee handbook that explains the right and responsibilities for each and every single employee in the company. This handbook entails vacations procedures, etc.

Policies and Procedures

- Device specific work flow processes through which all company functions takes place in the company
- Device a communication cycle to explain the venues which employees should utilize when communicating with each other to expedite the process of work flow
- System that explains the authorities of each job

Orientation & Socialization process

- System that orients all new employees to the company

Job Analysis

- Conduct thorough job analysis for all jobs in the company
- A by product of this job analysis exercise are 3 main products
  • Job descriptions
  • Job specifications
  • Job evaluations